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KAMManufaktur unveils its first 912c

Chassis number 001 heads to Florida

This very special car has been hand-crafted by KAMM engineers using an original short-wheelbase 1966 Porsche sourced from the USA. Every element has been tailored to the exact requirements of its new owner, from the ultra-lightweight KAMM carbon-hybrid wheels to the uprated air-conditioning which will ensure comfortable use in the Florida sunshine.

Carlos became aware of the KAMM 912c via a road test feature in a magazine and was the first buyer to place an order for a car. Already a dedicated sports and supercar enthusiast, Carlos has a collection of the world’s finest drivers cars, including some of the most important road-going Porches, all of which are regularly used and enjoyed. Almost all of his collection is finished in gloss black, so it was right the KAMM 912c was finished in black and bare carbon, to match.

Improved performance and comfort

The first production Semi-Carbon 912c features the latest 2024 model year specification which includes a host of technical and interior improvements designed to make the car faster and more comfortable, while retaining its road-weight of 750kg and driver-focused ethos. After being presented with his new 912c, Carlos said. “I am humbled and honored to be able to add such a magnificent car to my collection. Every piece of the car, be it simple or complex, has been meticulously developed and engineered and you can feel the heart and soul within it. Nothing has been left untouched, making it an incredible work of art that still offers a truly analogue driving experience. My thanks go to the KAMM team for creating such a special car, and I can’t wait to drive it when it arrives in Miami. “

Extensive use of carbon fiber

Originally launched in 2022, the KAMM 912c has received high praise around the world for its blend of high performance and light weight. Chassis 001 is a 750kg Semi-Carbon model which retains its original, albeit highly upgraded and restored, steel roof and rear quarter panels, blended with KAMM manufactured carbon fiber panels and an extensive use of carbon fiber throughout the rest of the car.

KAMManufaktur Founder, Miklos Kazmer, added. “It is a hugely proud moment for all of the KAMM team to present the first customer car, here in Budapest. Less than 2-years ago I presented the first iteration of the 912c to the world, and now we are starting a year of client deliveries, with a vastly more accomplished and refined version of the 912c than was originally shown. Despite this evolution, it remains a lightweight, analogue and classic looking sports car, that is truly unique within the restomod market.

Coming to America

After a final shake-down test, the car will be delivered to the USA in July where it will immediately attend a number of shows and events, as well as being used for a select number of US media drives and walk-around presentations. A host of technical upgrades feature on the 2024 912c, including a more powerful air-cooled, 4-cylinder engine, new KAMM-designed seats, improved aerodynamics for enhanced high-speed stability and reduced wind noise, upgraded air-conditioning and improved in-car audio.

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