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A Closer Look At Gunther Werks’ Porsche Turbo Touring

A couple of days ago, California-based specialist Gunther Werks revealed their latest creation, the Touring Turbo Edition Coupe, at The Quail, a Motorsport Gathering.

This car have some similarities with previous Gunther Werks projects, featuring a custom Rothsport Racing six-cylinder engine equipped with twin turbochargers, displacing 4.0-liters and delivering an impressive 750 hp. This powerhouse is mated to a Getrag six-speed manual transmission. To put it in perspective, the 750 hp surpasses the 991-generation Porsche 911 GT2 RS by 60 hp, all packed into a smaller, more compact vehicle.

In addition to the increased power, this new variant showcases a carbon fiber ducktail rear wing, ensuring optimal airflow to the rear-mounted air-cooled engine while providing a more understated appearance compared to Gunther Werks’ standard Turbo wing. Interestingly, the ducktail spoiler, offered as an optional addition to the standard turbo wing, includes its dedicated carrying case.

To give us a more in-depth look about this new offering from Gunther Werks, Mr JWW shared a video on YouTube wherein he talks with the people from the company to provide us with more details about this car.