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The Story of 1976 Porsche 934, 930 670 0161

Photo from 1976 of two men standing in front of yellow Porsche 934 in the Netherlands
Zandvoort, the Netherlands 1976. Nicholas Koob, seen here on the left, prepares for a race. He would finish 4th overall. (Photo courtesy of Mauro Borella).

There are 934s, and there are 934s…

The Porsche 934 has long lived in the shadow of its more powerful sibling, the Porsche 935. This is a shame. Not only was the 934 faster than the Carrera RSR that it supplanted (naturally!), but many 934s went on to have very interesting lives—being progressively updated to try and keep abreast, if not ahead of, their competitors. One such 934 that I became involved with, although only at the periphery, was 930 670 0161.

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