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VIDEO: My Porsche 930 Turbo IS BACK! On-Road Review

Porsche 930 Turbo – One of the Greats

Remember that episode where Damian mistakenly bought a broken Porsche 911 from Silverstone Auctions? The 930 Turbo without a turbo? Well it’s finally back, fixed, and glorious, thanks to Emblem Sports Cars. This week, TheCarGuys take the revitalised Turbo out for its first shakedown after an eye-watering repair bill! Fortunately, it is now one of the best Porsches in the world – a low mileage 1989 last-of-the-line G50 930 Turbo. Does it get any better? Created by two ordinary guys with an obsession for cars, is a digital channel that celebrates everything automotive – supercars, classics, quirky, hidden gems and those in the TCG garage.