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VIDEO: Gunther Werks ‘remastered 993’ at Laguna Seca

Autocar Drives the Gunther Werks 993

And in this vid is a rather serious take on the theme. California-based Gunther Werks takes 993-series 911s and turns them into something rather more hardcore. Its aim is not to keep a car that looks period. Instead it imagines what would have happened if it went beyond-GT3. It pares the chassis back to its base shell, widens and stiffens it and incorporates so much carbon fibre that the finished ‘993 Remastered by Gunther Werks’ weighs a little over 1200kg.

Its 4.0-litre air-cooled engine makes 435bhp and prices start at a little under £400,000, plus your 993; so it’s a niche area of the sports car business, but one of the more interesting for us here at Autocar. It’s also clearly very fast. Here’s GT and touring car driver Randy Pobst lapping it at Laguna Seca in 1m30.99s. Gunther Werks says that’s the fastest time ever set by an air-cooled 911 with number plates, but more significantly for us, it’s almost as fast as a McLaren P1.