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VIDEO: GTS 4.0 Review – Why Bigger Engines are Returning to Porsche!!

Porsche Boxster GTS 4.0 Review

Yes Porsche are going back to larger displacement engines!! But why the sudden change of heart? Did the sales plummet, have they come to their senses? Today I’ll talk briefly about why every model at #Porsche is gaining a larger displacement engine, and then we will explore how the change to the Porsche 718 Boxster 4.0 #GTS has transformed the car!

Frank steffen walliser is the head of 718 and 992 model lines, and he has said that due to Euro 7 regs coming in 2026, small engine displacement producing big power will no longer be allowed. Hence even the 911 will have to increase its displacement at that time: a model range he says will always be ICE.

He also said, there was a drop in sales for the 2.5 flat 4 version of the 718 In markets like the UK, Germany and the USA. But a huge surge in China where tax breaks allow the wealthy to apparently buy Boxsters for females… oh dear!

More importantly, the Naturally aspirated 4.0 returns to the GTS models in the 718. Its not some retuned one, but is instead exactly the same unit. The rev limit has been lowered to 7,800 rpm, reducing maximum power to 395bhp (19bhp less than the GT4 and 30 more than the old GTS) and it exhales through the same twin exit exhaust system!That’s also the main distinctive visual change, and you’ll get to hear the exhaust in the video.

We also now have a PDK which gets 9 NM more torque, at 430NM and thus the GTS is faster in 0-60 by 0.5 of a second than the GT4!