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The White Collection Memorabilia

Massive collection of Porsche ephemera to be auctioned

From RM Sotheby’s:

Just months ago, we had the privilege of revealing the mystery of The White Collection—selling over 50 white Porsches of rare make, mileage, and vintage, along with a host of unique and highly collectible Porsche parts and memorabilia. What you didn’t know was this wasn’t all of the collection.

Now, available for only three weeks, we’re offering the last of The White Collection, over 1,800 lots of Porsche automobilia for bidding, from rare racing attire and accessories, books and catalogs, to several hundred of Porsche’s coveted posters printed over several decades.

Whether you are a Porsche enthusiast, historian, or collector, you will find something you will want to add to your own collection or project Porsche and hold on to the last of what was part of the noteworthy White Collection.


The plight of advertisers—finding that sensational quote, jingle, or design that will captivate the public enough to want to purchase their products. The truly great stand the test of time (as we’re sure there’s already one or two that have crossed your mind since that first line), as they somehow remain timeless in a world constantly barraged with logos and slogans. Porsche certainly stands as one of those timeless greats when it comes to their catchy designs and ad copy.

The German marque was fortunate enough to have hired some brilliant designers, most notably Erich Strenger and Hanns Lohrer, whose posters still remain highly sought after today. Of course, Porsche collectors do truly love to obtain Porsche collectibles of all sorts, as we’ve seen with The White Collection and most currently, The White Collection | Online. But they’re not just seeking these posters for the collectible aspect.

They seek them because of the timeless aesthetic and/or quippy lines that have graced these branded advertisements, encapsulating the fun of owning and driving a Porsche.


What to do when that part you need to complete your build is not reproduced? From oil filters to complete engines like this 356 unit, much is available that are hard to find in the usual outlets.



Original Porsche luggage has almost become as important to the classic Porsche collector as date-matched wheels.

Showing your car with the correct luggage it was offered with, or at least “Period Correct” pieces are always point adders for Concours judges.

Porsche “wear”

Lastly, where will you find that REAL Porsche jacket from the 1980s that you have been longing for? The White Collection offers quite a nice selection of driver suits, jackets, and work overalls.

More Information

For more information and to view the auction lots, head on over to the White Collection on RM Sotheby’s site.

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