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The New Porsche 911 S/T Is The Culmination Of 60 Years Of The Rear-Engined 911

The new 911 S/T is marketed as a pure, lightweight, driver-focused Porsche 911. It integrates the engine and essential components of the suspension and chassis with the simplified design of the GT3 Touring, resulting in a 911 that has a clean appearance and the dynamics of a race car.

This car commemorates six decades of the rear-engined sports car and is produced in a limited run of 1963 units, coinciding with the year the 911 embarked on its 60-year journey to the present day, which brings us to this comparison between the original 901 and the new 2023 S/T to see just how far the iconic Porsche 911 has evolved all through the years.

Has the 911 retained its joyful essence, or has it evolved into something more serious over six decades of progress? Ben Miller from CAR magazine is here to detail it for us.