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Porsche 935 JLP-4 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
Porsche 935 JLP-4 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2014

JLP-4 was the final race car in the line of Porsche 935 specials built for the John Paul father and son team. Using this final ‘weapon’, the Pauls notched up several outright victories in IMSA races and, in combination with JLP-3, John Paul Jr won the 1982 IMSA Camel Driver’s Championship.

JLP-4 was the only Porsche 935 with full ground effects, and it proved to be four seconds a lap faster than JLP-3, which itself was one very fast 935. Designed by Lee Dykstra and built by Dave Klym, JLP-4 featured a front suspension design with a rocker arm/inboard dampers/coil spring set-up. The car had full length ground-effect Venturis and right hand drive, to put the driver on the inside of most corners of a race course. This was the most radical design of all the 935s.

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