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Stunning One-Off Porsche 911 Speedster

Do You Love Green Cars? This Porsche 911 Speedster Is a Subtle One-Off

Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur division Works its Magic on This One-Off Speedster

Check out this recent creation of this 911 Speedster, a unique car inspired by the Porsche family itself and brought from dream to reality by the experts at Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. While the Porsche company cars were painted in shades like Olive green, Emerald green metallic, Oak green metallic, or Brewster green, the latter is the one that was preferred by Dr. Wolfgang Porsche. Not only that, but the shade was also appreciated by a 911 Speedster customer, who decided to have a green Porsche in the same shade as Dr. Porsche’s 993 Turbo S. In case you were wondering, this particular shade has the code 22B, and its name is Brewster green.

Porsche offers more than a hundred exterior paint colors for its vehicles through the Exclusive Manufaktur program but buyers can make choices about more than just that. For those who feel strongly about their favorite shade the color can go outside, inside, and all over.

With a head full of ideas and an allocation for the 991.2 Speedster, the customer decided to travel to Zuffenhausen to configure his latest Porsche in person. En route he was informed that once again, Exclusive Manufaktur would be able to provide a special PTS finish, and without hesitation he settled upon Dr Porsche’s beloved Brewstergreen.

“I’m not a big fan of metallic colors and I immediately took a shining to Brewster as it’s very understated,” the buyer said. “It looks black in some certain environments, but when it’s seen in good light, there is no missing the green.”

In fact, the owner loved it so much, that he got the exterior color added to his 991.2 generation 911 Turbo S that was in the process of being built as well as a 911 GT3 Touring that he ordered, which was also fitted with a Noto Green leather interior.

These concepts were combined in the 991.2 Speedster that he flew to Zuffenhausen to configure. Along with the Brewstergreen paint, he chose Noto Green leather and opted for green vent slats, steering wheel, door cards, sun visors, floormat edges, and all of the trim around the fuse box cover, which is hidden out of view. Even the wheels are finished in green.

“It was an honor, pleasure, and a privilege to realize my dream,” said the owner. “I am beyond pleased with the final results and as you can see from the mileage and the wear on the leather, I love to get out and drive the car. The journey was so unique and personal that I can’t see myself ever parting with it. It is a combination that may not appeal to everyone, but to me it’s perfection.”