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Spy Photos indicate Porsche Panamera is set for another Refresh.

Spy Shots of new Porsche Panamera (courtesy Autoevolution)

Porsche has been investing significant funds in its EV programs, but that doesn’t mean its internal combustion lineup will disappear anytime soon. Porsche engineers have been spotted testing a Panamera, suggesting that a third generation of the fastback sedan may just be on the way. The current Panamera has been around since 2017. That’s a considerable length of time in the ever-changing automobile world.

Spy Shot of new Porsche Panamera (courtesy Autoevolution)

Eagle-eyed enthusiasts spotted a few features on the test car, and initial reports hinted at a cosmetic change rather than a complete model refresh. However, this seems unlikely, especially since the 2017 Panamera got a facelift in 2021. The Panamera is still an exceptional performance sedan, but sales have started waning. It creates a strong reason for the launch of a third-generation Panamera to renew the challenge against rivals in a hotly competitive segment.

The Porsche Panamera prototype features notable changes around the front end. The side intakes are more prominent, and the center intake has a new shape. Another intake has also been incorporated into the design and sits just above the license plate position. The changes don’t stop there. The car also features the new-style daytime running lights already found on the new 911, 718, Cayenne and Macan models.

New Porsche Panamera out testing (courtesy of Autoevolution)

Changes to the design elements seemingly continue on the car’s interior. A covered dashboard to discourage prying cameras suggests there have been some tweaks there too. Powertrain information is unavailable, but the new vehicle could boast more power. The range-topping Panamera S E-Hybrid currently has 689 hp and 642 lb-ft of torque on tap. It’s nothing to sneeze at, but it must be noted that this places it well behind rivals like the Porsche Tesla S Plaid and the AMG GT63S E-Performance.

These are still early days yet, and nothing has been confirmed. However, there is a strong possibility that the new Panamera will debut as a 2023 model, the same year the Cayenne SUV is due its own update.