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Singer Vehicle Design is at it again with another delicious rendition of the Porsche 911. The California restomod company has been focusing on 911’s and a lot of detail goes into one production car. The work they put goes beyond the engine: the selection of leathers, the design of the instrument cluster… no detail is overlooked.

Each Singer 911 is made-to-order and a new rendition came out of SoCal to impress all enthusiasts. Working together with Williams Advanced Engineering, they have produced the Singer Dynamics and Lightweight Study (DLS).

Touted by Singer as the ‘most advanced air-cooled 911 in the world’, the Singer DLS has a custom-bored 4.0L flat-six producing almost 500hp at 9000rpm. Not only that but the body work is all carbon fiber, with bespoke BBS, bespoke Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s, and all the goodies you’d expect in a modern car: ABS, traction control, ceramic brakes.

It still has a six-speed manual transmission and Singer details are still there. Just look at those Recaro seats! Look at how the door bracing is wrapped in leather… Even the roll cage in the back is wrapped in leather!

If you have to ask… You probably can’t afford it. But let us know how it drives!