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Should You Take The GT3 Touring Over The More Expensive Porsche 911 S/T?

In the realm of high-performance sports cars, few names command as much respect as Porsche. Recently, enthusiasts have been captivated by the comparisons between the GT3 Touring and the 911 S/T that both share some similarities.

Now, let’s take a look at the GT3 Touring first. This car is highly coveted for several reasons, notably its 4.0L Flat 6 engine that revs up to a staggering 9,000 RPM. The Touring is essentially a GT3 sans the wing, and the one we’re examining today boasts Comfort Seats and a striking oak green exterior.

Next up is the 911 S/T, the new limited edition offering from Porsche and has a 4.0L flat-6 GT3 RS engine mounted in the back—that being, 518 hp of 9,000 rpm redlining naturally-aspirated goodness. With reduced sound deadening, the driver is treated to a constant symphony of engine noise, evoking a delightful old-school feel. The shortened final drive ratio ensures the revs stay high throughout the drive, demanding a bit more finesse during shifts.

To unravel the real differences, the folks at TheSmokingTire took both models for a back-to-back drive on the same road, under the same conditions. Watch the video and see if you can spot the differences between these two high-revving  911s from Porsche!