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Project Tornado by Gunther Werks Is One Truly Special Masterpiece

Porsche 993 ‘GT2 RS’ by Guntherwerks Is 700hp Manual Monster

Stunning Porsche 993 ‘GT2 RS’ by Guntherwerks

Gunther Werks, the company that remasters the Porsche air-cooled 993 just announced their latest creation, a Porsche 993 ‘GT2 RS’ with a 700hp twin-turbo flat six and manual transmission.

Gunther Werks enhances the analog driving experience offered by the original car, while at the same time retaining the car’s iconic attributes. Each commission features a bespoke interior and exterior combination that is unique to every car remastered by Gunther Werks.

Project Tornado features a Rothsport Racing built 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine. Using a racing-derived flat fan and liquid charged cooling, the engine is controlled by a sophisticated Motec engine management system, its output
being an astonishing 600hp in standard form, with track mode seeing that output increase to 700hp. Power is transferred to a 6-speed manual transmission with rear wheel drive.

The new carbon fiber body panels are functionally designed to optimize cooling and downforce that support the 700hp capabilities of the car, shaving 500 lbs. from the original platform.

Some of the highlights from the “Project Tornado” body components are:

• Front vented hood with a functional scoop down for additional downforce
• Front fascia with larger intake openings for increased cooling
• Vented front fenders to release turbulent airflow from the wheel wells
• Widened aero side skirts
• Vented rear quarter panels with ram air intake system
• Dual bubble carbon fiber roof panel
• Functional aero rear wing
• Open mesh rear bumper with extended diffuser

The interior features a bespoke carbon fiber steering wheel with integrated controls for track mode and a nose lift. The redesigned center console features a magnetic inductive charging base for integrated entertainment, supporting both smartphone and tablet connectivity. Additionally, the newly designed and engineered lightweight carbon fiber bucket seats can utilize both a 5-point harness and 3-point belts.

Clients will be able to select a touring package that will be offered with a touring specific hollow carbon fiber seat, ducktail, standard front carbon fiber trunk for storage and a re-tuned engine for a more leisurely driving style.

Utilizing a flat fan configuration to maximize efficiency and cooling for the new 4.0L aircooled twin turbo powerplant that delivers up to 700hp and over 560lb/ft torque. This equates to a power to weight ratio of 471hp per tonne.