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Used Porsche prices entering 2024

Year-over-year value data reveals trends in Porsche models

Just like standing on a scale or looking at your lap times, numbers don’t lie, and the recent market trends for modern Porsches are no different. With 2023 behind us, we now have the hard data to investigate what happened between 2022 and 2023 regarding used Porsches. Summarizing information released on YouTube’s FourWheel Trader channel, we take a look at the trends across the Porsche model line.

EVs are the worst

Across the entire EV market in the U.S., EVs depreciate the fastest with a numbing 40% devaluation year over year. Hence it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Porsche’s EV, the Taycan, follows suit.


Taycan Base and S model values
Taycan Turbo and Turbo S

Panamera in close 2nd

Depending upon the trim, the Panamera prices fell on average 16% in value.

Caymans and Spyders to the rescue

Unlike the Taycans and Panameras, both Caymans and Boxsters appreciated. High-end GT4s actually rose 4% in value where as the 718 Spyders rose 1.7%.

Cayman values still rising
718 Spyder values rising slightly

911s staying flat

Porsche’s flagship sports car continues to weather the post-Covid storm:


Here at Stuttcars, we believe the Porsche is an experience first, and an investment second. EVs are still considered early adapters, and regardless of brand, will continue to fall faster than their gasoline powered counterparts. As these numbers continues to show, the more performance focused the Porsche model is, the better is will retain its value. Limited editions are notorious for immediately appreciating, and there’s no data indicating this trend will ever change.  Most importantly, enjoy your Porsche, and its return in smiles is an appreciating asset money can’t buy.

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