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Big Updates are on the way for Porsche’s Atlanta Experience Centre

The Porsche Experience Centre in Atlanta is regarded as the home of Porsche in North America. The facility was purpose-built to allow clients to unlock the capabilities of Porsche’s exciting sports cars. The complex delivers a wide range of experiences, including its famous Restaurant 356 and Heritage Gallery, where you can view some of the most legendary cars from the German carmaker. There is also a first-class simulator lab where drivers can experience performance driving on some of the world’s most iconic tracks.

However, the highlight of the Experience Centre is the 1.6-mile driver development course. It allows drivers to test and hone their skills in the real world. Now, the track is at the heart of a major expansion effort that will effectively double its length, among other additions. Porsche recently announced that construction effort has begun on a second track. The new section can be driven on its own or combined with the existing layout.

Cars at the Driver Development Course, Porsche Experience Centre

It will be a 1.3-mile handling circuit designed to give cars and drivers an even more intense workout when completed. Famous tracks like Laguna Seca and the Nurburgring inspire some of the corners and turns on the new track. For example, a section will share similarities with the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca and another that will evoke memories of the Carousel at the Nurburgring.

Planned expansion at the Porsche Experience Centre, Atlanta

In addition to the new track, there will also be a low-friction, wetted 60-meter asphalt circle; an ice hill to demonstrate traction control; and a dynamic area comprising 135 feet by 555 feet of asphalt to demonstrate handling capabilities.

These updates at the Experience Centre are only part of a multi-billion dollar investment as Porsche seeks to increase its footprint in the North American market. The track expansion is expected to be ready by the first quarter of 2023. The centre has hosted up to 6,000 visitors per month in ‘normal’ times. Porsche hopes the new updates will attract even more people to come and engage with the brand.