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Porsche Type 64 – Specifications & Performance

Porsche Type 64 Specifications

The Porsche type 64 KdF Berlin-Rome car is acknowledged as the original ancestor of all the subsequent Porsche sports cars to follow. Below we get under the hood to give you the specs and performance numbers for this amazing Porsche.

Engine 4-cylinder, horizontally opposed
Capacity originally 985cc, later possibly 1131cc, still later 1085cc
Bore x stroke 70 x 64mm; 75 x 64mm; 73.5 x 64mm
Valves 31mm
Maximum output 32PS; 33PS; 40PS at 4000rpm
Weight 615kg; 585kg; 545kg
Weight distribution 40 per cent front; 60 per cent rear
Maximum speed 173.5km/h (theoretical), possibly 140km/h in practice
Gearbox 4-speed
Differential 1:3.45
Tires 4.50 x 16, later 5.00 x 15 (Mathe)
Fuel tank 50-litres
Lubrication Shell 3X (summer); Shell X (winter)
Length* 4000mm
Width* 1700mm
Height* 1250mm