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Porsche Has Confirmed The 992 911 Goes Hybrid In Summer 2024

Those who are of the traditional, air-cooled Porsche camp, turn away now, because there is nothing you’re going to like in this announcement.

For everyone else, as reported by Top Gear, Porsche has confirmed that the plan to hybridize the Type 992 911 will come to fruition in just a few short months. The 992 was always meant to be hybridized as well, built with more areas of open space in the body and chassis to hold battery packs, and the 8-speed PDK designed to have an e-motor integrated to it from the very start.

As we shared about a year ago, the 911 Hybrid was spotted testing with barely any camouflage at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

The hybrid 911 is the first step in a four-pronged model release plan for 2024, which will also include the next generation Taycan, the second generation Macan including the Macan EV, and the third generation Panamera.

As of the moment, the 992 is offered in three flat-six setups: The Carrera through to Carrera 4 GTS using the 3.0L twin-turbo, the Turbo and Turbo S using the 3.7L twin-turbo, and the GT3 and GT3 RS using the 4.0L naturally aspirated monster of an engine. The 911 will likely carry the now-commonplace “e-Hybrid” green badging or follow in other models’ footsteps and have the 911 badge backed by a green silhouette.

Porsche Cayenne e-hybrid badge
Expect to see the fenders of a 911 near you this summer sporting this now-commonplace badge

While there has not been any news regarding final pricing or even what the launch date is, every rumor mill across the internet is pointing to a June or July 2024 paper launch, and very likely an August physical launch as a MY2025 car.

For what it’s worth, our bets are on June 2024 announcement, with a late August release date, if past model launches from Stuttgart are anything to go by. We also expect that the halo cars for the hybrid will be what already being called the “Type 992.2” 911 Turbo and Turbo S.