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Porsche Confirms Rennsport Reunion VII In 2023

Rennsport Reunion, the return of the world’s largest Porsche fan event has been confirmed by Porsche Cars North America. In 2023, Rennsport Reunion VII will return as they celebrate life on the edge. They will showcase the boldest and most exciting Porsche cars, the people who designed them, as well as the drivers who pushed the cars to their limits.

Everyone will again gather together not just to celebrate the marque’s past and present; Porsche will also be able to give fans and enthusiasts a glimpse into the future, both on and off the track.

Racing giant Brian Redman and longstanding Press Spokesperson of Porsche Cars North America Bob Carlson came up with the idea of Rennsport back in 2001. It was created to celebrate and give tribute to the racing heritage of Porsche. They envisioned an event where drivers and enthusiasts get together to celebrate racing, and also to honor the people and the cars that they have made, that became the foundation of the Porsche legacy.

Since the first event at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut more than 20 years ago, Rennsport has continuously grown in popularity, with its last event in 2018, attracting 80,000 throughout the whole event.

Porsche Cars North America Inc. President and CEO Kjell Gruner shared, “We’re all excited to be able to announce the return of the Rennsport Reunion, which is always a highlight of Porsche motorsports enthusiasm and heritage. Rennsport Reunion has grown quickly over the years into a truly one-of-a-kind experience of sight, sound and emotions. For a few days, it feels like everyone thrilled by the brand is united in one place, on and off the track, as one Porsche family. We’ll announce the date and location soon, but this much I can share already: Our ambition is to make Rennsport Reunion VII the best one yet.”

The date, location, and theme of Rennsport Reunion VII will be announced in the coming months.