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Is This $1.2 Million Porsche 964 Better Than The Ones Made By Singer And Gunther Werks?

Porsches have consistently attracted tuners and racing teams aiming to enhance the performance of already formidable sports cars. The 356 and the 911, particularly in the air-cooled generation with its interchangeable parts, have proven to be easily modifiable platforms.

In recent times, there has been a significant surge in the restoration, restomodding, and outlaw Porsche scene. Companies like Singer, Gunther Werks, and many more excel in blending classic aesthetics with modern technology, creating street-legal, track-focused masterpieces.

However, the Porsche 964 build featured in this AutotopiaLA video wasn’t made by Singer, Gunther Werks, or any established restomodders. It was created by Allen Bischofberger from Fogline Industries and take note of this; it comes with a hefty $1.2 million price tag, that’s more than a Singer!

So, would you take this bespoke Porsche 964 over a Singer or a remastered Porsche from Gunther Werks? Watch the video to see if this unique Porsche 964 restomod possess the qualities to compete among the finest classic Porsche builds!