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Singer Vehicle Design Marks 10 Years in Business with Celebration at Goodwood

Yep, Singer Is a Decade Old Now

Singer Vehicle Design has been thrilling motoring enthusiasts everywhere for 10 years. The company is known for taking old Porsches, restoring them and then modifying them with extreme attention to detail. To help mark the 10-year milestone, the company will bring two cars to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The company will bring the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS). The car was built in connection with Williams Advanced Engineering. Since the time that Singer debuted the car, it has continued testing and modifying it. According to EVO Magazine, Singer said the car has been “much abused.” The DLS will appear in a new red livery.

The company will also bring the Sussex commission to Goodwood. This car is a little more typical for the company. This car is used as a daily driver and track driven by the owner. The car will come in the Attack Grey color and feature ghosted stripes and lettering.

According to EVO, the company has a new car called the Mulholland commission. That car will unfortunately not be shown at Goodwood. If you can’t make it to Goodwood, head to the Monterey Car Week in California in August where Singer will also showcase cars.