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992 Porsche Sport Classic Review

Is the 2022 911 Porsche Sport Classic Worth The Money?

The 2022 Porsche 911 Sport Classic is a combination of cars that aims to be several things. Part celebration of Porsche heritage, part engaging grand tourer, with a bit of exclusivity thrown in. The first 911 Sport Classic was built on the 997 platform and while rare (only 250 were made) it was ultimately a Carrera S with a body kit and a 20 horsepower bump. This one is a bit more special. This new Sports Classic is a bit more unique. Offered in four colors, it gets the 543HP engine from the Turbo but power only goes to the rear wheels. Even better, it’s only offered with a manual transmission. Is it a milder GT2? Is it too close to the already-impressive 911 GTS? Let’s find out.