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992 GT3 Test Drive at Area 27 Motorsports Park

The latest GT3 is better than ever

I recently completed a back-to-back track day event at Area 27 Motorsports Park a couple of weeks ago. There was a fine sampling of Porsche sports cars being purposefully piloted by some amazing drivers on the circuit over both days. It has been a good 3 years since I’ve visited the facility, and it was the first time I’ve driven my personal 991.1 GT3 RS at this track. Besides this wonderful opportunity, one of the highlights of this trip was trying out the new 992 GT3.

My friend, Eric, is the owner of this beautiful Shark Blue example, which more notably than that, is equipped with a manual transmission. Naturally, a massive shout is due to him for allowing me to take it out for a few laps at this beautiful and challenging track—thanks, buddy!

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