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Some of the Porsches do a publicity shot at the ROAR
Rolex 24 at Daytona, 30-31 January 2021: Some of the Porsches do a publicity shot at the ROAR

I first came to this race in 1971, so this would be my 50th year at the Daytona 24 hours. It is an interesting exercise to look back at what has changed over the years.

The circuit

The track has changed quite a bit since I first attended. Back in 1971 it was 3.81 miles in length and the track had NO chicane, now it is 3.56 miles long with a chicane on the backstretch. The chicane was first used in 1983 and was an attempt to control top speed and save the tyres in the banking. The pit complex and garages are totally different with fewer pits today than in 1971. In reality, only about 55 cars can be accommodated today without sharing pits, but back in the 1970s up to 100 plus cars might be entered for qualifying.

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