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2020 Porsche 911 GTS Spotted Without Camo

Best Porsche 911?

Porsche has plenty of variations of the 911, and the new 992 version of the car is still seeing those different versions roll out. Recently, Carscoops shared an image of the Porsche 911 GTS without any camo wrap on it. The car has been spotted out testing before. However, when it was out before, it had a very heavy cloak on it. This is the first sighting of the car that we know of that is without camo.

We expect the GTS to slot into the lineup in the same manner that the old one did. This means it will be positioned as a kind of special slot between the super hardcore models and the base models. As Carscoops puts it, this model will be the sweet spot for the lineup. 

The giveaway that this is the GTS are the center-locking wheels. Porsche uses these on the GT3, but this car lacks some of the other hardcore aero elements that car has. This would suggest that it’s the GTS. Also, the car features blacked-out elements and sportier-looking bumpers.

You can expect the car to make somewhere around 470 hp. The previous-generation car made 444 hp, so it would make sense for Porsche to up the ante here with the engine. Of course, Porsche has not let slip any information like that, so this is speculation. It’ll be interesting to see all the details of the car, which we expect to happen soon enough.