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Blast to the Past: The 1979 Kremer-Porsche K3 Prototype 009 0002

Porsche K3 prototype
The prototype K3, with Klaus Ludwig at the wheel in a DRM race at the Nurburgring in 1979, the year that he won the Championship, winning twelve out of fifteen races. (Photo courtesy of Kremer Racing).

Development of the 1979 Kremer-Porsche K3

Kremer Racing, headed up by the two brothers Erwin and Manfred, from Cologne, Germany, had been heavily involved in racing 911s since 1965 for their customers. They used various factory racing 911s, such as ST, and RSRs as a starting point and they started modifying the cars for their customers to make them go ever faster. By 1976, they had started to build their own versions of Porsche’s turbocharged 930. In 1976/77, they fielded their own version(s), of the Porsche 934, in Group 4 GT racing.

But it was in Group 5, (special GT), that the Kremer Brothers started to make a name for themselves, being the only people other than the factory, to race a new 935 in 1976, even if it was their own version of how they saw the turbocharged 930 in Group 5 specification and had little or little to do with the factory’s version.

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