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1974 Porsche RS 3.0 Carrera (Chassis Number 911 460 9034)

Front view of 1974 Porsche RS 3.0 Carrera 911 460 9034
1974 Porsche RS 3.0 Carrera, in the paddock at Silverstone, whilst being raced by the author, in 1987 (photo courtesy of the author).

When I first started writing my book, “R to RSR: The Racing Porsche 911s” in 1987, whilst living in England, I had little or no idea which RS/RSR cars had been raced in France. This was despite the fact that France was only 21 miles away across the Channel. The relevance of this to the story of this particular 1974 Porsche RS 3.0 Carrera, 911 460 9034, will become obvious as you read the story below.

In 1986, I used to own a somewhat used (read “ratty!”) 1974 Porsche RS 3.0 Carrera that had placed twelfth overall and won the Group 4 GT class at Le Mans in 1976. That was told to me by the man that I bought it off, Mike Lavers, who ran a shipping business in London. Apart from it being a worn out old race car, that was all I knew about its history, though I shall never forget the drive home from London on a freezing cold November evening. For the 100-odd miles, I had to keep tucking one hand after the other into my armpits to try and keep some feeling in them. There was no heater in the RS, you see (I also remember the agonizing howl from the diff, although it did get me home).

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