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1972 Porsche 911 ST by RS-WERKS

As close to real as it gets

Photo © Bob Craig

The ST legend

The Porsche 1972 911 ST is legendary in automotive history and coveted for its exceptional performance. Under the hood was a potent air-cooled 2.5-liter flat-six engine, delivering over 200 horsepower. Its lightweight construction, reinforced suspension, and modified components made it a force to be reckoned with on any road or track. Just the previous year in 1971, close to a dozen podium finishes were achieved at international events throughout Europe. Its iconic styling included smooth-arched fender flares not used on other 911 models. With a production that year of purportedly 23 units, owning an original is far beyond the reach of most 911 enthusiasts. But wait…

Photo © Bob Craig
09–26-2022 RS-Werks Shop raw Photos-Bob Craig

Enter RS Werks

What if you could own a “replica” with even better performance? The skilled craftsmen at RS Werks in Parkesburg, PA have you covered with their custom-built 911 ST offering. Hand-built using the finest materials and components, buyers can take a trip back in time to when Porsche was still a burgeoning manufacturer competing on limited resources against far bigger teams.

Photo © Bob Craig

The formula

For this particular build, the team started with a 1972 911T chassis; this ST Tribute was an homage to the original Gemini Blue Metallic with Light Ivory accents ST #911 230 0044 that raced in the early ’70s. In keeping with the ST concept, we made the chassis as lightweight and strong as possible.

  • Aluminum door skins, center-fill hood, and louvered decklid
  • Lightweight rear glass with safety straps
  • Custom R-style decklid hinges
  • Fiberglass bumpers
  • Rubber hood and decklid hold-downs
  • Dimple Die custom inner rockers
  • Lightweight strengthened shock supports
  • Strengthened jack supports
  • Front shock tower strut supports

The Specs

  • 5-liter twin plug with 46 MM Webers and MSD ignition
  • Stomski Racing shifter and coupler
  • Sport headers and dual-out Dansk muffler
  • Restored period correct Koni shocks
  • PMB 908 reproduction front brake calipers
  • 9” ST flares front and back over 15” RSR finish Fuchs / super-sticky Michelin PB 15 rubber.
  • Full custom interior with ST-style seats and 6-point harness
  • Rollbar
  • Rear seat delete
  • Restored 72 silver dot gauges with 10,000 RPM tach
  • Battery disconnect
  • Full-size spare
  • Cibie driving lights on fenders with custom RS covers
  • Custom horn grills

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