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What It’s Like To Drive The Legendary Porsche 962

The Porsche 962 arrived on scene in 1984 as essentially a Porsche 956 for the IMSA/US market. IMSA mandated that the driver’s feet had to be behind the front wheel centerline.  Therefore Porsche needed to change the 956 to accommodate this difference and ultimately that meant redesigning the monocoque and giving the car a new designation.

The 962’s monocoque was basically a stretched 956 tub with one primary difference. The result was that the 962’s front overhang was shorter (in order to stay within the maximum regulated length) with the added bonus being that the car was less pitch sensitive compared to the 956.

Mike Fernie from DRIVETRIBE has been fortunate to have the opportunity to take the wheel of a genuine motorsport icon: the Porsche 962. Watch the video to see some amazing Porsche 962 action and also get to know a little bit more about this machine that completely obliterated its competition back in the 1980s.