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Watch The 911 Dakar Go Full Throttle On Autobahn

The debut of the Porsche 911 Dakar late last year stirred immense excitement in the automotive world. Based on the 911 Carrera GTS, the 911 Dakar is propelled by a 3.0-liter flat-six engine. This twin-turbocharged powerplant generates an impressive 473 horsepower. Featuring all-wheel-drive as a standard feature, the car accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in a swift 3.2 seconds.

Elevating its status as a Dakar variant, this model offers heightened ground clearance compared to the conventional 911 GTS – an exact increase of 2 inches, with the additional advantage of a further 1.2 inches attainable at the push of a button. Additionally, the car is equipped with all-terrain tires as a standard provision, and its suspension system has been meticulously tuned for a more relaxed demeanor, ensuring adept handling across ruts, dunes, and the occasional rugged trail.

The team at AutoTopNL took the initiative to push the boundaries of the car’s top speed in this video. While the manufacturer officially cites a top speed of 149 mph, the car does manage to achieve slightly greater speed than that.