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VIDEO: The 919 Tribute Tour. New king of the ring

The 919 Tribute Tour. New king of the ring video

This video is meant to demonstrate the different strengths and “weaknesses” of the two fastest racing cars in the world around the world famous Circuit de Spa-Franchochamps. Porsche operated their car without adhering to any regulations which they have been previously bound to, resulting in a much faster time, than the car would do under normal (legal) conditions. They did this to showcase the potential of their 919 Hybrid and to demonstrate how much the car had been held back by the regulations. As it turned out, it was even faster than the Formula 1 Cars of 2017 and most F1 Cars of 2018. Only Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas since managed to beat Porsche’s time of 1:41,770 set in 2018.