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VIDEO: 718 GT4 PDK: Better than Stick! + GT4 RS Preview

718 Cayman GT4 PDK Review

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Choice is a blessing. Gearbox snobbery is rampant with “purists”. Dare someone buy the paddle option, they’re bombarded with “why?” or “should have got the manual” or “for people with no skill”. All the while, the same people worship the #Porsche GT2 and 3RS.

I don’t get hung up on such things. PlayStation vs Xbox, Marvel VS DC, M vs AMG… manual vs #PDK. I like to enjoy the whole spectrum, particularly when each has it’s own charm!

Now apart from that, though the 718 seems like a nip tuck, there are huge changes in the 718 version GT4 vs the previous gen. The engine for starters, is a whole new bespoke unit based on the current 992’s 3.0 turbo, but with the turbos removed and borred out to 4.0. Despite the size and stroke, its not related to the GT3 engine at all.

In the PDK it gives some amazing figures. 414BHP, slightly higher torque at 430NM, and though it’s 30KG heavier PDK GT4 does 60 with an official figure of 3.9 seconds… which is not true. Its much faster. Shorter ratio 7th gear, meaning slightly earlier shifts. Lower revs on motorway driving too, so the whole thing has more breadth of ability.

Further enhancements made to mechanical locking rear differential: in traction and overrun modes, it achieves locking values of 30 and 37 per cent as compared with 22 and 27 per cent – improving longitudinal/ lateral dynamics as well as traction!

Aero has been improved too, with 50% more downforce vs the previous model at 122kg of downforce! The diffuser is the big change, with a rising duct that helps air travel so fast through it, the car is literally sucked on to the road. And of course the Wing is larger than before, with 20% more downforce. Finally the chassis is essentially a mid-engined version of the older GT3’s.

The result is a time at the Nurburgring of 7:28, 12 seconds quicker than before, though that’s the manual time and not the PDK, though it’s likey to be similar.

After this comes the GT4 RS: 500 BHP from the 4.0 engine, likely PDK only, Swan neck wing 3RS like Naca ducts, new Center lock wheels and much more!