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VIDEO: 2022 911 Carrera 4 GTS Review

Is this the Sweet Spot in the Current 911 Lineup?

The Sweet Spot 911 is NOT a budget GT3, or a Turbo! When it comes to #Porsche, #GTS are three letters that immediately invoke a lot of emotions. If you’re a Turbo customer, somewhere in the back of your mind, you know the GTS is the sweeter purer driver’s car. If you’re lucky enough to be a GT3 customer, you’re also aware of how the GTS can get so close, yet is so much more usable in everyday scenarios.

So it’s easy to see why Car reviews, social media and forums are awash with comments deeming it the sweet spot, the perfect #911, hence the perfect Porsche. High praise, and from our drive in the Rear Wheel Drive, lightweight package version in Italy, it’s well warranted.

The truth is though, it’s not as fast as a Turbo S, nor is it anywhere near as sharp and exhilarating as the incredible GT3. But what it is, is anything and everything that you want it to be! First body style, cabriolet, targa, coupe? No problem. AWD and RWD? Sure. Steels or CCBs? Yep. Two seat GT buckets and Lightweight pack? Or maybe custom form printed buckets? Any and all options are available to tailor the sharpest side of 911 to your liking. Last time we tried two ends of the spectrum: lightweight RWD coupe, and 4wd plush targa. Today, is the Goldilocks car: A sweetly spec’d 4wd Coupe! All weather use, still the most sporty body, CCBs, and a practical 2+2 seats.

Now that Grand Tourismo Sport or GTS name of course originated in the racing series “904” car, then 924 GTS, 928 and int the modern era: Cayenne GTS. We’ll have a quick look at each one too!

But as far as 911 goes, the first proper one was in 997 generation and as today was a mid point between Carrera and Turbo. 991 and 991.2 #GTS continued the same formula, and are now the loudest you’ll now find in any generation.

The new GTS Continues the tradition, but adds even more than the predecessors. It’s got 480 BHP, which is 30 more than the S and 23 more than the last GTS. A healthy 570NM and a staggering 0-60 of 3.3 (Carrera 4 GTS) which we will test later.

More significant changes come under the skin, with it stealing the chassis from our 992 Turbo: this means we get PASM as standard the 10 mm drop. But this GTS does things the others didn’t: Our rear springs also feature the helper springs as seen in the GT3. Spring rates are much stiffer 40 percent in front and 20 percent in the rear.

Sports chrono is standard with engine mounts, launch control etc of course. Overall it’s a more rigid car than the standard Carrera. The car also features a slightly unique exhaust system. And more crucial removal of sound deadening particularly around the engine to let more exhaust note in.

The lightweight package brings a number of changes: more sound deadening removed, the 918 bucket seats in full carbon, lightweight glass all around the car, a lightweight starter battery, unique positioning for the active rear spoiler, and hidden further aerodynamic changes under our front-end. The final result is a 25 kg drop and a more focused car. If you want it.