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VIDEO: 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S Review by Chris Harris

First Drive in the 992 Carrera 2S

The KING of Sports cars!! The motoring icon, the Porsche 911! Let’s explore the new one in a way only we can at RBR. Going 55 years strong, the 911 is back with a whole new 8th generation Model, internally designated 992. And this is the Carrera S RWD model! But as always, a New 911 is an evolution of what came before, on the face of it hard to appreciate, so to really truly comprehend this 55 year journey that culminates in the 992, we’re going to do what only RBR can, and tell the Story of 911 with our signature VFX style!

We’re going to start from the VW type 1 Beetle (but I don’t attribute the 911 to the beetle, rather set the record straight) and explore every generation, from 901, 964, 993, 996, 997, 991 all before arriving at the 992. Is the design blink and you’ll miss it? It won’t be once I’ve shown you the previous generations, and then give you a close look at the the body and design! With the 992, there is no Narrow body RWD body like the 991 had, now they all share the same wide body. And the footprint and wheelbase of that body is identical to the 991 4WD body, so rest assured it has not grown in length, height or such metrics in any meaningful way. The only real difference, and it’s one you notice immediately in person, is the wider front end where the PASM chassis widened by 45mm!

Notice the larger wheels also, Staggered wheels for first time on non-GT, biggest set up to 20-21. And the rear is very different but again familiar, with a Big Rear wing, now with multiple stages of height rather than just up/down, reacts more appropriately based on your speed and driving. Overall, the Entire outer skin bar front and rear impact zones, is Aluminium! Heck the whole car’s use of steel has reduced to only 30%! Though similar looking, the tech and inner workings have been heavily tweaked. The turbocharged flat-six engine has been reworked – it’s now more powerful producing 444BHP, despite the horrid GPF gas particle filter being added in! There is a Completely new 8-speed dual-clutch PDK too, Brakes have been increased in size on the rear, and feel improved. And the Electronic Steering has been modified to be more direct in feel, and now you can get rear wheel steering in the standard cars!

Finally, this car has a road Wetness detector, in the front arches there lies sound sensors, which pick up if the road is wet, then asking you if you’d like to try the new wet mode. Oh and the interior, all new, super modern and a very very nice place to be. But how will the GPF effect sound? Is the increase of width a hinderance? Is the new interior 911 enough?! And most of all: does it handle like a 911!?