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The Porsche 911 997 Restomod By Edit Automotive Sounds Amazing On Autobahn

Earlier this month, Edit Automotive  has unveiled its vision of the Porsche 911 named the g11, an intricately crafted sports car predicated on the sixth-generation Porsche 911 (997). Crafted by designer Petr Novague, each g11 adheres firmly to the ethos of minimalism, establishing an unadulterated link between the driver and the machine. With an ambitious plan to customize a series of 99 vehicles, Edit Automotive draws inspiration from Porsche’s continually evolving 911.

Starting with the widebody version of the 997, each car is equipped with a naturally aspirated 3.6-liter or 3.8-liter flat-six-cylinder engine, producing 329 to 405 bhp.

While preserving the 997’s original features like air conditioning, heated seats, and traction control, Edit Automotive enhances the interior for an authentic analog driving experience using material and design changes. The car also retains modern conveniences such as phone charging and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Edit G11 sports custom carbon fiber front and rear fascias on the exterior. Performance upgrades include Öhlins adjustable shock absorbers, a short shifter, a performance exhaust system, forged wheels, and new brakes with GT3 front discs and Brembo calipers. Additional options like carbon-ceramic brakes and a limited-slip differential are also available.

AutoTopNL got their hands on this new Porsche 997 restomod from Edit Automotive and quickly put it to the test on Autobahn. Watch the video and enjoy the sound of naturally aspirated flat-six being pushed to its limits.