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The Future of Porsche Cayman GT4 and Boxster Spyder Prices

What Is Going On With Boxster & Cayman Prices?

Cayman GT3 and Boxster Spyder prices are at a crucial point. After years of increases, prices came down by 4% to 7%. Yet, the prices are still much stronger than in the rest of the exotic car market. Will Cayman and Boxster prices continue to depreciate? Or could they bounce back?

After years of price increases, Boxster Spyder and Cayman GT4 values finally came down. Moreover, with 4% and 7% the price drops are quite significant. Compared to other markets, though, the values are still strong. The YoY price increase is still positive and prices are still up by 20% compared to their bottoms. Interestingly, it is the low mileage cars in both markets that saw the largest price increases and decreases.

Whereas price developments are fairly similar, supply developments differ. Supply in the 981 remained fairly stable while used car supply in the 718 market has been increasing. Looking ahead, one can then also only conclude that there will be a saturation point in the 718 market sooner or later. Therefore, I think that this market has a larger downside risk than the 981 market. The latter market will only be affected by demand. Given the current economic climate, it is likely that demand will decrease.