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The 911T Coupe and Targa continued as the entry level 911 for 1972 and 1973. As with the higher-end E and S variants, Porsche upgraded the 911T to a new, larger 2.3 L engine, commonly known as the "2.4 L" engine. With the power and torque increase, the 2.4-liter cars also got the newer and stronger transmission. Non-US versions (ROW), were carbureted and featured the Type 911/57 engine, rated at 130 hp. US-spec 911T's had engine Type 911/51 and were rated at 140 hp.
The Porsche 911T continued as the entry level 911 for the 1970 and 1971 model years, sitting below the 2.2L 911 E and the 2.2 L 911 S. The 911 T featured all the upgrades that came with C-Series production updates including longer wheelbase and Fuchs alloy wheels. During its production years it was available as both a Coupe or Targa bodystyle. As with the E and S variants, Porsche would upgrade the 911T to a larger 2.2 liter engine.
The Porsche 911L (Lux) was introduced in model year 1968 in both Europe and the United States in coupe and targa variants. Approximately 1,610 samples were produced in total, of which 1,169 were coupes, and 575 were Targas. For the 1969 model year, the 911L would cease to exist, paving the way for a new mid-tier offering in Europe and the US, the 1969 911E, and for the higher-end 1969 911S in North America.