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Stone Grey by Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design – Stone Grey Commission

Today, we take a closer look at the Singer Vehicle Designs Stone Grey Commission. Weirdly, we don’t actually think this is the official name of this Singer build, but we couldn’t find the real name so we just called it by its exterior color.

We do know it is a 4.0 liter, rear wheel drive coupe and it is painted in a beautiful Stone Grey with light ghosted side stripes and lettering in Yolk Yellow. The external, side mounted oil filler is specified, accompanied by a center-mounted external fuel filler with finned cap. Wheels duo-tone black, with open lug nuts. Carbon ceramic braking system has been selected and the brake calipers are finished in Yolk Yellow with black lettering. The centrally-mounted external fuel filler has also been specified, for this machine completed with a finned fuel cap. Brightwork is presented with a nickel finish, carefully finessed to allow a soft, golden glow.

The interior is presented in Warm Grey. Lightweight carbon-fiber track seats are specified with bespoke suede-mix weave inserts, nickel grommets and exposed carbon seat backs. Floor panels, sills, transmission tunnel and rear compartment surfaces are color-matched to the exterior in Stone Grey. For the rear compartment the suede-mix weave is continued and a harness bar has been specified. The front luggage compartment is trimmed in quilted leather with Alabaster stitching. The central tachometer is specified in Light Ivory with Charcoal marking, while surrounding gauges use the inverse combination of charcoal with light ivory markings. Floor panels are presented in Stone Grey to match the car’s exterior. Door panels are presented in bespoke leather-weave, with hand cranks for the front windows. Simplified arm rests are specified, with deleted pockets and door pulls in yellow.

At the heart of the car sits the 4.0L, naturally-aspirated, air-cooled flat six, driving the rear wheels through an optimized, 6-speed manual transmission. The engine features a ceramic plenum finish and the interior of the engine compartment is color-matched to the exterior bodywork in Stone Grey.

Photo Credits: Singer Vehicle Design