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Raffles Commission by Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design – Raffles Commission

Today, we take a closer look at the Singer Vehicle Designs Raffles Commission.

The carbon-fiber bodywork is presented in Yolk Yellow with dark ghosted stripes and lettering. For this car the air-cooled, naturally aspirated flat-six is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission. Both the external, center-mounted fuel filler and side-mounted oil filler are specified. The external, center-mounted fuel filler is selected, together with the external, side-mounted oil filler. Wheels are specified with open lug-nuts and brake calipers finished in Singer Racing Red with white lettering. Bright trim is presented in nickel and the exterior Yolk Yellow color extends inside across the dash insert, along the transmission tunnel and into the rear passenger compartment.

The Raffles Commission is powered by a naturally aspirated, air-cooled, 4.0L flat-six. The ceramic plenum finish is specified for this car, together with a 6-speed manual transmission.

This 4.0L coupe is appointed in black leather by the experts at Singer’s interiors facility. 8-way adjustable touring seats are specified with leatherweave inserts and brass grommets. The rear compartment also features black leather while the transmission tunnel, sills and dash strip are colour-matched to the car’s exterior in Yolk Yellow.

Photo credit: Singer Vehicle Design