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Porsche’s Prestigious R Badge: Cayman R vs. 911 R

The letter “R” might seem ordinary, but in the Porsche world, it signifies something much more. It’s a badge of honor reserved for exceptional cars with racing pedigree and stunning performance. In the modern era, only two modern Porsches wear this coveted badge: the Cayman R in 2011 and the 911 R in 2016.

The Cayman R is a focused version of the Cayman S. It sheds weight, gains a touch more power, and boasts a limited-slip differential for enhanced traction. While not a full-blown motorsport car, the Cayman R offers a sharper driving experience compared to the standard Cayman S.

The 911 R, launched in 2016, boasts a lineage directly tied to racing. Built upon the formidable GT3 RS platform, it sheds weight, retains the powerful 493 horsepower engine, and swaps the PDK dual-clutch transmission for a glorious manual gearbox. This car is a homologation special, a road-legal version of a dominant race car. The result is an incredibly fast and focused machine that feels at home on the track.

In this video shared on YouTube, Dan Prosser from The Intercooler compares these two exceptional Porsches with the coveted R badge.