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Porsche’s 70th anniversary – we look back 20 years to 1998

#26 Porsche 911 GT1
Le Mans 24 Hour, 6/7 June 1998: Allan McNish, Stephane Ortelli and Laurent Aiello took the works #26 Porsche 911 GT1 to victory in the 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours

This year, 2018, Porsche will celebrate its 70th anniversary. Although the official date for the registration of the first car, 356-001, is on 8 June, Porsche Road & Race will be bringing you a snapshot into the timeline along the road of these seven decades. Starting in 1998, six milestones covering seven decades will bring us back to when it all started, on 8 June 1948.

#26 Porsche GT1-98
Le Mans 24 Hour, 6/7 June 1998: The #26 factory GT1-98 driven by Laurent Aiello/Allan McNish/Stéphane Ortelli is given a fresh set of boots during the night

Track back with us as we look at what was happening on the race track with Porsche’s race cars. The Le Mans 24 Hour race is the highlight of the endurance racing calendar, and there are even those Porsche enthusiasts who would argue that it is the highlight of the global motorsport calendar period.

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