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Porsche Track Experience in 2024

Seat time at world famous venues awaits you

Ready to spoil yourself?

Manthey Racing is proud to announce the new dates for the Porsche Track Experience. 2024 promises to be an exhilarating year for the Porsche Track Experience – as Europe’s legendary racetracks await you. Improve your driving skills on the Nürburgring Nordschleife or live new experiences on one of the following racetracks:

  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya: April 29 – May 08, 2024
  • Circuit Paul Ricard: 20. – 27. June, 2024
  • Circuit Spa-Francorchamps: 02. – 10. September, 2024
  • Red Bull Ring: 07. – 16. October, 2024

Get in. Buckle up!

Experience more now and start your individual high-speed adventure with the Porsche Track Experience. In the four progressive stages of DISCOVER, LEARN, BOOST and RACE, you’ll find your starting point that ideally suits your current driving skills. And your dreams. Unleash your full driving potential — from the first bend to the winner’s podium.


The warm-up and e-warm-up training formats give you a first impression of how much more you can experience in a Porsche when you know exactly how to control it. It’s an eye-opening experience which often sparks a burning passion for years to come. Whether classic or electric, both formats will train the basics of vehicle control and improve your driving skills. You will gain insights into how the Porsche driving dynamics control systems work and how to use these to your advantage. You will work on your steering and observation techniques while also practicing effective braking techniques. Through the simulation of dangerous situations, you will quickly learn how to respond appropriately to under- and oversteering – applying your newfound knowledge immediately.


Learn the basics of driving dynamics – and the difference between a car and a Porsche. Anyone can drive a Porsche, but mastering it requires the right skills, waiting for you in our one-day Precision Training. Become one with a Porsche, view it as the precision instrument it truly is, and feel the essence of driving dynamics: the electrifying sensation when you push physics to its limits. With a professional by your side, you’ll experience unforgettable moments—whether you rent a Porsche on-site or drive your own model.


Get inside the cockpit to feel the racetrack’s thrill. Excellence through refinement – whether in the latest Porsche models or your own potent ride. Conquer the racetrack by focusing on the perfect line, mastering vehicle dynamics, and honing your driving style. Video analysis pinpoints improvement areas, while collaboration with Porsche enthusiasts adds excitement to your track adventure at Europe’s best, like Circuit Paul Ricard, Spa-Francorchamps, or Nürburgring Nordschleife. Over two days, expert instructors guide you through swift circuit navigation, providing real-time feedback for continuous enjoyment and skill enhancement.


Rennsport Academy: Start your own mission. The intensive preparation for your first racing season. In this intensive training program, you will gain all the theoretical and practical knowledge you will need for your first racing season. The program consists of a wide range of modules, both on and off the track, and prepare you for competition-specific requirements that await you as a racing driver. Data and video analyses help you optimally prepare for different racing situations and prepare you for entry into one of the many Porsche racing series.

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