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Porsche To Release A New Hypercar

Porsche 918 Spyder
Image Via: Porsche

It has recently been confirmed that the plans for a Porsche hypercar are very much alive. In a recent interview with CEO Oliver Blume he revealed that the Porsche hypercar is always a part of their strategy.

Unfortunately, Porsche is prioritizing on electrifying their range so it does not seem that hypercar enthusiasts can expect Porsche to release it anytime soon. Blume did confirm that the project is already currently underway though he did not

Blume shared, “Porsche was always successful with this kind of hypercar showing what is possible, showing future technologies, cutting-edge products.”

“We will bring a hypercar when it’s time to bring it. So hypercars will play a role for Porsche in the future. But it isn’t decided yet…,” he added.

Blume also revealed that Porsche is currently concentrating on electromobility, and with numerous products to be launched in the next few years, they are still looking for the right moment to launch the latest Porsche hypercar. It will most likely be launched when they want to showcase the latest they have to offer in terms of cutting edge technology. With their reluctance to commit to when the company will most likely release a new hypercar, it seems like enthusiasts are in for a long wait. He did admit that Porsche will not be releasing a new hypercar before 2025, though it might be possible in the latter part of the decade.

For now, Porsche is working on electrifying their existing road-car range and advancing their full electric vehicle technologies. Blume stated, “The battery will be the “cylinder” of tomorrow, so we still have to investigate high-power, high-density cells. We will invest in these cells, and when we have the right cell for a high-power car, then will come the point, but I don’t think about this car before the second half of the decade.”

The Porsche 918 was first revealed in 2013 while the Carrera GT was launched in 2003. Looks like there will be a longer wait before another hypercar is released by Stuttgart.