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Porsche – The Racing 914s

s_v4859_5in_t_300dpiThe 914 is the Porsche that most sports car enthusiasts turn up their noses at. Let’s face it, the 914 isn’t the most beautiful Porsche in the world, with its flat surfaces and angular styling. It looks unpretentious, unattractive, and was generally unloved by many. But is that a fair criticism to make about a car that sold 119,000 units, small fry for VW perhaps, but quite impressive by Porsche standards.

s_80Roy Smith, an author who has an impressive list of good books behind his name, sought to delve into the little-known history of the 914’s motorsport history, an aspect of this car that few know much about. This book constitutes the first comprehensive study of the Porsche 914 in competition, and covers the complete development of the factory GT and privateer cars.

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