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Porsche Penske Motorsport earns best-placed LMDh prototype at Spa 6 hours

Toyota and Ferrari fill the podium

Porsche 963, Porsche Penske Motorsport, Vorstellung Sonderdesign Le Mans 2023, reveal special livery Le Mans 2023, Jonathan Diuguid (Leitender Direktor Porsche Penske Motorsport); Thomas Laudenbach (Vice President Porsche Motorsport) (l-r)

Spa 6 hours

Porsche Penske Motorsport wrapped up the six-hour race at Spa-Francorchamps in fourth place with the Porsche 963. Michael Christensen, Dane Cameron and Frédéric Makowiecki missed out on claiming a podium result by less than three seconds. This makes the hybrid prototype again the best-placed LMDh-compliant hypercar vehicle at round three of the FIA World Endurance Championship WEC.

Porsche 911 RSR, Iron Lynx (#60), Matteo Cressoni (I), Alessio Picariello (B), Claudio Schiavoni (I)

Qualifying Summary

In qualifying for round three of this year’s FIA World Endurance Championship WEC, Frenchman Kévin Estre was the fastest driver at the wheel of a hybrid prototype “Made in Flacht”. His fellow countryman Frédéric Makowiecki qualified the sister car fielded by Porsche Penske Motorsport on the fifth grid row. The customer squad Hertz Team Jota gave a convincing performance in the hunt for top times in Belgium with seventh place.

The Porsche Penske Motorsport works team experienced a disappointing 15-minute qualifying session at the Circuit Spa-Francorchamps. With an air temperature of 17 degrees Celsius and more clouds moving in, almost all teams struggled to get their Michelin tyres into the ideal operating window. Consequently, there were many spins and an accident involving Brendon Hartley’s Toyota, which saw the session red-flagged. In the remaining twelve minutes after the restart, Kévin Estre improved lap by lap at the wheel of his No. 6 car but ultimately had to settle for P6. Frédéric Makowiecki could not beat the time of his second flying lap and remained in P10.

“On paper, this result doesn’t look convincing. We’re still not where we want to be,” states Urs Kuratle. However, the Director of Factory Motorsport LMDh feels positive about the upcoming third round of the season. “The qualifying result doesn’t mean a lot for the race. We need to make sure we continue to improve our setup to ensure a steady performance on Saturday. I’m very pleased with the result of our customer squad Hertz Team Jota. The crew competes with its Porsche 963 for the very first time this weekend, so seventh on the grid is a very strong result.”

Porsche 963, Hertz Team Jota (#38), Antonio Felix da Costa (P), Will Stevens (UK), Yifei Ye (CHN)

Best Porsche 911 RSR takes on GTE-Am category from position two

In the GTE-Am class qualifying, Sarah Bovy again put in a strong drive at the wheel of Iron Dames’ pink Porsche 911 RSR. In a last-ditch attempt, the local star from Belgium put in a blistering lap and planted her No. 85 car on P2. Ryan Hardwick from the USA qualified just one place behind her in an identical model campaigned by Proton Competition. The 911 entries from Dempsey-Proton Racing, GR Racing, Iron Lynx and Project1-AO Racing tackle the race from positions ten, eleven, twelve and 14 respectively.

Porsche 963, Porsche Penske Motorsport (#6), Kevin Estre (F), Andre Lotterer (D), Laurens Vanthoor (B)

Qualifying results

Hypercar class:

  1. Conway/Kobayashi/Lopez (UK/J/ARG), Toyota #7, 2:090.812 minutes
  2. Fuoco/Molina/Nielsen (I/E/DK), Ferrari #50, 2:00.836 minutes
  3. Pier Guidi/Calado/Giovinazzi (I/UK/I), Ferrari #51, 2:00.973 minutes
  4. Estre/Lotterer/Vanthoor (F/D/B), Porsche 963 #6, 2:02.306 minutes
  5. Félix da Costa/Stevens/Ye (P/UK/CHN), Porsche 963 #38, 2:02.907 minutes
  6. Cameron/Christensen/Makowieki (USA/DK/F), Porsche 963 #5, 2:03.650 minutes

GTE-Am class:

  1. Al Harthy/Dinan/Eastwood (OMN/USA/IRL), Aston Martin #25, 2:17.216 minutes
  2. Bovy/Gatting/Frey (B/DK/CH), Porsche 911 RSR #85, 2:19.150 minutes
  3. Hardwick/Robichon/Heylen (USA/CDN/), Porsche 911 RSR #88, 2:19.481 minutes
  4. Ried/Pedersen/Andlauer (D/DK/F), Porsche 911 RSR #77, 2:21.247 minutes
  5. Wainwright/Pera/Barker (UK/I/UK), Porsche 911 RSR #86, 2:22.469 minutes
  6. Schiavoni/Cressoni/Picariello (I/I/B), Porsche 911 RSR #60, 2:23.097 minutes
  7. Hyett/Jeannette/Cairoli (USA/USA/I), Porsche 911 RSR #56, no lap time
Porsche 963, Hertz Team Jota (#38), Antonio Felix da Costa (P), Will Stevens (UK), Yifei Ye (CHN)

The race

The second racing car fielded by the works team had to retire shortly before the first driver changed due to an electrical fault. The Hertz Team Jota squad brought the first customer-run Porsche 963 over the finish line in sixth place. In the GTE-Am class, Proton Competition came fourth with the Porsche 911 RSR.

Just 13 days after the success in Portimão, Porsche Penske Motorsport has narrowly missed out on claiming another podium result. Michael Christensen from Denmark, American Dane Cameron, and Frédéric Makowiecki from France finished the six-hour race at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium in fourth place at the wheel of the Porsche 963 hybrid prototype. Cool asphalt temperatures and tricky conditions as well as multiple incidents on the 7.004-kilometre racetrack, defined round three of the FIA World Endurance Championship WEC. As the first team to run a private LMDh vehicle, Hertz Team Jota concluded the race in the Ardennes in sixth place.

For the Porsche customer team, works driver António Félix da Costa from Portugal, William Stevens from the UK and Yifei Ye shared the cockpit. The Chinese racer is the selected driver from Porsche Motorsport Asia-Pacific. In the GTE-Am category, Proton Competition achieved the best result for a Porsche 911 RSR in fourth place with its crew Ryan Hardwick from the USA, Canadian Zacharie Robichon and Harry Tincknell (UK).

Porsche Penske Motorsport, Mechaniker
Porsche 911 RSR, Iron Dames (#85), Sarah Bovy (B), Rahel Frey (CH), Michelle Gatting (DK)

“We only lost the podium spot on the very last lap and finished fourth – so that’s very disappointing,” concludes Thomas Laudenbach after round three of the season. The Vice President of Porsche Motorsport adds: “The team did a good job. Our strategy was first class and we made the right tyre choice at the start. Still, we have to recognize that because of the current balance of power, things have been out of reach for us so far. We have to shake off today’s result and continue working hard on further improvements.”

For the No. 5 Porsche 963, round three started with a handicap: the electric clutch control made work difficult for the first-stint driver Michael Christensen. At the first pit stop, the problem was solved by rebooting the system. The Dane then took up the chase and also benefitted from safety car phases caused by accidents. When he handed the car over to Dane Cameron, he was back in third place.

With a good 100 minutes left on the clock, Frédéric Makowiecki as the third driver continued in sixth place. When the Porsche safety car was deployed for the fourth time a few minutes later, this played into the hands of the works-trio: they moved back up to third place. Makowiecki defended this spot until the last lap but had to allow a Ferrari to overtake due to the deteriorating performance of the rear tyres.

Jonathan Diuguid (Leitender Direktor Porsche Penske Motorsport)
Porsche 963, Porsche Penske Motorsport (#6), Kevin Estre (F), Andre Lotterer (D), Laurens Vanthoor (B); Porsche Penske Motorsport (#5), Dane Cameron (USA), Michael Christensen (DK), Frederic Makowiecki (F), Start

The sister car driven by Kévin Estre (France), André Lotterer (Germany) and start driver Laurens Vanthoor had to retire early. Despite cool track temperatures, the Belgian made perfect use of the team’s bold tyre choice on the drying track: on slicks, he catapulted from sixth place to second within a few minutes. Shortly before the second pit stop, the No. 6 racer rolled to a stop at the start of the finish straight with an electrical problem on lap 54.

“That was a tough day in Spa,” concludes Jonathan Diuguid, Managing Director Porsche Penske Motorsport. “Our number 6 car retired due to a technical fault – now we have to investigate the cause fully. We did a good job with our number 5 vehicle and opted for an ideal strategy. However, we simply weren’t fast enough. We have to see where we can improve and make further progress. On the operational side, things ran perfectly.”

The Hertz Team Jota squad was impressed with its strong performance. Works driver António Félix da Costa managed to overtake three rivals in the first lap and advance to fourth place. Bad luck with the safety car phases at a later stage cost the Porsche customer squad a few positions. Thanks to their steady performance, the Portuguese racer and his teammates Yifei Ye and William Stevens still achieved a remarkable result with sixth place: Hertz Team Jota had only taken over the first privately-run Porsche 963 on Friday of the previous week and was thrown in the deep end, so to speak, at Spa-Francorchamps with the 500 kW (680 PS) hybrid prototype.

Best Porsche 911 RSR finishes GTE-Am category in fourth place

In the GTE-Am category, the 911 RSR fielded by the Porsche customer teams Iron Dames and Proton Competition fought for podium positions over long stretches: the all-female crew Sarah Bovy (Belgium), Rahel Frey (Switzerland) and Michelle Gatting (Denmark) spent stints in the lead, especially early on in the six-hour race. Ultimately, the Iron Dames clinched fifth in their class behind the 911 driven by Ryan Hardwick (USA), Zacharie Robichon (CDN) and Harry Tincknell (UK).

Porsche 911 RSR, Proton Competition (#88), Ryan Hardwick (USA), Zacharie Robichon (CDN), Harry Tincknell (UK)
Porsche 911 RSR, Dempsey-Proton Racing (#77), Julien Andlauer (F), Mikkel Pedersen (DK), Christian Ried (D)

Drivers’ comments after the race

Dane Cameron (Porsche 963 #5): “After a difficult qualifying, we fought our way back in the race and did a great job as a team all in all. We encountered minor problems during the six-hour race, but we overcame them well. The balance of our car was markedly better today and our pace was noticeably faster. A podium result was within reach but unfortunately, we missed out at the very last moment. Next up is Le Mans. We’ll do our absolute best to get even more performance out of our Porsche 963 there.”

Laurens Vanthoor (Porsche 963 #6): “As I drove through the last chicane, suddenly, the entire electrical system failed. I ran through certain procedures to restart the system but unfortunately, that didn’t work. We still have to analyze what exactly happened. It’s a real shame because our race was going really well up to that point. Our strategy played out perfectly, and the car felt great to drive. We decided to opt for slicks, especially at the start.”

Porsche 911 RSR, GR Racing (#86), Ben Barker (UK), Riccardo Pera (I), Michael Wainwright (UK)

António Félix da Costa (Porsche 963 #38): “We took possession of the car just a few days before this race weekend and basically jumped in the deep end. The fact that we could complete the six-hour race under these circumstances without any technical setbacks deserves huge credit. The team did an incredible job. We didn’t even push the car to the limit – our priority was to turn as many laps as possible and collect as much data as we could. Now we’ll look closely at everything, go testing and then head to Le Mans even stronger.”

Zacharie Robichon (Porsche 911 RSR #88): “It was an exciting race – as always at Spa. The weather in the Ardennes always plays a major role. At the start, Ryan drove clean stints. Because we got our Porsche’s tyres up to temperature faster than some of our rivals, I even took the lead in the GTE-Am class. But on the flip side, we struggled with deteriorating tyres at the end of our stints and lost time again as a result. We made the most out of it. Still, fourth place in motor racing is an extremely painful result.”

Sebring, Florida : IMSA 12h Sebring 2023,
Porsche 963, Porsche Penske Motorsport (#5), Dane Cameron (USA), Michael Christensen (DK), Frederic Makowiecki (F)

Race results

Hypercar class:

  1. Conway/Kobayashi/Lopez (UK/J/ARG), Toyota #7, 148 laps
  2. Buemi/Hartley/Hirakawa (CH/NZ/J), Toyota #8, 148 laps
  3. Pier Guidi/Calado/Giovinazzi (I/UK/I), Ferrari #51, 148 laps
  4. Cameron/Christensen/Makowieki (USA/DK/F), Porsche 963 #5, 148 laps
  5. Félix da Costa/Stevens/Ye (P/UK/CHN), Porsche 963 #38, 147 laps

DNF Estre/Lotterer/Vanthoor (F/D/B), Porsche 963 #6

GTE-Am class:

  1. Perez Companc/Wadoux/Rovera (ARG/F/I), Ferrari #83, 140 laps
  2. Keating/Varrone/Catsburg (USA/ARG/NL), Corvette #33, 140 laps
  3. Al Harthy/Dinan/Eastwood (OMN/USA/IRL), Aston Martin #25, 140 laps
  4. Hardwick/Robichon/Tincknell (USA/CDN/UK), Porsche 911 RSR #88, 139 laps
  5. Bovy/Gatting/Frey (B/DK/CH), Porsche 911 RSR #85, 139 laps
  6. Ried/Pedersen/Andlauer (D/DK/F), Porsche 911 RSR #77, 138 laps
  7. Schiavoni/Cressoni/Picariello (I/I/B), Porsche 911 RSR #60, 137 laps
  8. Wainwright/Pera/Barker (UK/I/UK), Porsche 911 RSR #86, 136 laps

Full results: HERE

Porsche teams and drivers

Hypercar class (Porsche 963):

  • Porsche Penske Motorsport (#5): Dane Cameron (USA), Michael Christensen (DK), Fréderic Makowiecki (F)
  • Porsche Penske Motorsport (#6): Kévin Estre (F), André Lotterer (D), Laurens Vanthoor (B)
  • Hertz Team JOTA (#38): António Félix da Costa (P), William Stevens (UK), Yifei Ye (CHN)

GTE-Am class (Porsche 911 RSR):

  • Project1 – AO (#56): Matteo Cairoli (I), PJ Hyett (USA), Gunnar Jeanette (USA)
  • Iron Lynx (#60): Claudio Schiavoni (I), Matteo Cressoni (I), Alessio Picariello (B)
  • Dempsey-Proton Racing (#77): Christian Ried (D), Mikkel Pedersen (DK), Julien Andlauer (F)
  • Iron Dames (#85): Sarah Bovy (B), Michelle Gatting (DK), Rahel Frey (CH)
  • GR Racing (#86): Michael Wainwright (UK), Riccardo Pera (I), Ben Barker (UK)
  • Proton Competition (#88): Ryan Hardwick (USA), Zacharie Robichon (CDN), Harry Tincknell (UK)

Race highlights