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Porsche—Origin of the Species

s_bentley_gpgc_cv_largeThe very existence of the Porsche sports car must rank as one of the more unlikely histories in the automotive world. Yet such was the pioneering spirit of Professor Ferdinand Porsche and his son, Ferry, that the irrepressible 356 eventually saw the light of day, produced behind the doors of an unassuming saw mill in the hills of Austria. These early models were known as the Gmünd 356s, and were fabricated by a band of determined and skilled craftsmen under the watchful eye of Ferry Porsche.

Only 52 of the Gmünd Coupes were built between 1948 and 1950, before production was moved to Stuttgart. Known as the 356/2, these rare hand-made cars are amongst the most sought-after Porsches in the world, and well-known comedian Jerry Seinfeld just happens to have number 040 in his collection. It is not surprising then, with Seinfeld’s fascination for all things Porsche, that his car features prominently in the book, but Porsche – Origin of the Species, is much more than just a write-up on the Seinfeld car.

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