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Porsche Of The Day: Porsche 962s In Japan

The Porsche 962 is the most popular Group C of all time and it is also a part of Japanese Motorsport history and it’s also considered by many as a phenomenal Japanese Racing Car.
The 962, whether in regular version or the different RLR GTi or the Kremer-built CK6 one, is definitely the most popular, most sophisticated and most used Group C in the period, even though when Porsche’s factory team left the competition – privateers were there to take care of the “kyu-roku-jyu-ni” (as it’s known in Japan).
And several Japanese teams were in charge to run these 962s both at Le Mans and JSPC with success! This explains why this race car is so popular here amongst the Motorsport fans, especially the “Cカー” appreciators . This is an appreciation post of Porsches 962C/RLR GTi/CK6 that were ran by Japanese teams/sponsors at Le Mans/WSC/JSPC.