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Porsche Of The Day: DP Motorsport Porsche 911 RS 3.5 “Red Evolution”

For over 43 years, DP Motorsport has been modifying Porsche models for both the racetrack and the road. Their latest creation, the G-Series Porsche 911 RS 3.5 Red Evolution, showcases their expertise in upgrading vintage models. The car features carbon fiber or glass fiber reinforced plastic body parts, RSR-type stabilizers, H&R coilover suspension, brakes from a 911 Turbo, and Michelin semi-slick tires on Fuchs wheels.

Powering the car is a 3.5-liter motor with mechanical fuel injection, individual throttle valves, dual ignition system, and camshafts from a 911 RSR, producing 365 PS (360 HP). Inside, the car has race seats, a carbon fiber dashboard, and a welded safety cell. This one-off build is perfect for the track, but DP Motorsport can create similar vehicles for customers suited for track or road use.

Photo Source: DP Motorsport