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Porsche Of The Day: Custom 1979 Porsche 911 SC RWB “Chrome Temple”

Meet “Chrome Temple,” a custom-built 1979 RWB Porsche 911 SC. This exceptional 911 received a powerful 500HP+ small block V8 engine and underwent a full RWB widebody transformation by automotive artisan Akira Nakai.

In 2016, this 911 was professionally painted in Marlboro Fluro-Orange and flown to California for Nakai-san to personally install the Royal Widebody Kit, RWB’s most aggressive variant. It was then adorned with a striking HEXIS Satin Orange Chrome vinyl wrap, creating an attention-grabbing appearance.

Additional exterior features include removable vinyl “Chrome Temple” graphics and custom 3-piece white Kompression wheels with deep dish and brushed floating spokes. These wheels are sized 18″x13″ and 18″x9″ and fitted with new Toyo R888c tires.

Before the RWB conversion, this 911 featured a NASCAR-inspired 400ci Chevy small block V8 engine producing around 500 HP. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a rebuilt 915 5-speed manual transmission by Renegade Hybrids in Las Vegas.