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Porsche Of The Day: 1998 RUF CTR2 Sport

Ruf’s follow-up to the iconic “Yellowbird” debuted in 1995, based on the new 993 Turbo chassis. Maintaining the original’s themes of high power, low weight, and exceptional speed, the CTR2 introduced an option for either two or four-wheel drive.

Remarkably, its 3.6-liter engine, tuned by Ruf, produced 520bhp and 505ft/lb of torque, with later versions offering up to 580 horsepower. The CTR2 matched its predecessor’s status as the world’s fastest production car at its launch, reaching a top speed of 217mph.

Additional upgrades included Ruf’s custom suspension system, larger brakes, Kevlar body panels, lightweight glass, an integral roll cage, a redesigned rear wing, and Recaro racing seats with Simpson five-point harnesses.

Photos by Marco Zamponi courtesy of RM Sotheby’s